‘White Christmas’: A Boomer’s History

She would reveal details of her relationship with Kennedy in a sensational memoir, which was published last year. Reverting to his presidential role — but with Mimi Beardsley once again in discreet and carefully concealed attendance — Kennedy then flew to Nassau in the Bahamas to meet Harold Macmillan, the British prime minister. The luxurious Lyford Cay Club was the location for a vital discussion on nuclear defence, with the pre-Christmas conference resulting in the Americans offering the Polaris missile to the Royal Navy for use on specially constructed submarines. Christmas would be one of the happiest periods of the Kennedy marriage. For all his sexual shenanigans, JFK deeply appreciated Jackie for the social and political benefits she brought him. As well as overseeing the transformation of the homely Eisenhower White House into a magnificent setting for the Kennedy presidency, it was Jackie who gathered around him the glittering international and Anglo-American high society that he appreciated. With the family in Florida for its last Christmas, Jackie once again underlined her political value to the Kennedy presidency. On Christmas Day, she had flattered the sizeable Catholic population of Miami by appearing with her family at Mass in Palm Beach wearing a Spanish-style white lace mantilla. On December 28 , she stole the show at the Orange Bowl at Miami Beach, where 50, Cuban exiles had gathered to welcome the arrival of 1, veterans who had just been released from prison by Fidel Castro.

Bing Crosby introduces “White Christmas” to the world

Scot Haller March 21, The most tragic spectacle I can think of is that of a young man slipping aimlessly through school, then life, secure in the belief that affluence means happiness. Then he went at it with the belt dotted with metal studs he kept reserved for the occasion.

If one of the boys did not put away his underwear, he had to tie it on a string and wear it around his neck until bedtime.

Older brother of bandleader Bob Crosby. His large ears were pinned back during his early films, until partway through She Loves Me Not His cameo in Angels in the Outfield was as part-owner of the team. Three things about Bing were frequent sources of jokes in Hollywood: These jokes often made their way into radio and TV shows, movies and, most often, into the comedy routines of Bob Hope.

Left a clause in his will stating that his sons could not collect their inheritance money until they were They had already been amply taken care of by a trust fund set up by their mother, Dixie Lee , which is truth was totally funded by Bing. All four sons continued to collect monies from that fund until their deaths. Was nicknamed “Bing” after a character named “Bingo” in a comic strip titled “Bingville Bugle. Bing In a partnership which included Gary Cooper, and Oliver Hardy had the Del Mar racetrack in Del Mar, California built in and he collected tickets at the turnstile on opening day.

Before the start of the first and last races on every day of racing his song “Where the Turf Meets the Surf” is played.

Front Royal, Virginia

Websites History of Compact Cassette: The Compact Cassette is a plastic case containing a spool of 3. The tape is run at a rate of 4. A tape head in the tape player or deck, in contact with an exposed portion of the tape, interprets an analog signal from the tape’s magnetic surface. The paper describes a machine with an electromagnet and a string covered with iron filings.

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That’s more people than watch the super bowl

Decennial Census [19] Homes in Front Royal As of the census [1] of , there were 13, people, 5, households, and 3, families residing in the town. The population density was 1, There were 5, housing units at an average density of The racial makeup of the town was Hispanic or Latino of any race were 2. There were 5, households out of which The average household size was 2. In the town, the population was spread out with The median age was 37 years.

For every females there were For every females age 18 and over, there were Customs -designated port of entry , situated on U. Once Virginia’s largest Superfund site , remediation activities at this former rayon manufacturing facility have been ongoing since

Bing crosby dating history

It is divided into two separate political entities: Dublin is the capital of the former, Belfast of the latter. The country is divided into four provinces: Leinster, Munster, Connaught, and Ulster.

Dorothy was one of the first ever African-American movie stars.

Reprinted in the June issue of “Bingang,” the journal of the Club Crosby. Paley was walking the deck of the S. Europa on his way to Europe when he passed a teenage boy playing a phonograph record. The voice from the phonograph drew Paley nearer. He leaned over the record and read: When Paley returned from Europe, he found that Crosby had not been signed. His aides explained that Crosby had a history of unreliability. Indeed, Crosby had been a heavy partier, and even had done time in jail for drunk driving.

But Paley was furious. He wanted that singer! Within a matter of weeks, Crosby was the hottest singing sensation on radio. Crosby was a natural for the radio. He championed a new style of popular singing that made the microphone an indispensable partner.

The Sad Ballad of Bing and His Boys

Comment required September 21, Hearst, though, got his own revenge several years later. Raymond Chandler was fired from his job as an oil industry executive at 44 due to his overenthusiastic alcohol consumption. From there, he became a top-notch fiction writer, which led to a contract with Paramount.

Ottens, a technical expert also from Philips.

The undisputed best-selling artist until well into the rock era with over half a billion records in circulation , the most popular radio star of all time, and the biggest box-office draw of the s, Crosby dominated the entertainment world from the Depression until the mid-’50s, and proved just as influential as he was popular. Unlike the many vocal artists before him, Crosby grew up with radio, and his intimate bedside manner was a style perfectly suited to emphasize the strengths of a medium transmitted directly into the home.

He was also helped by the emerging microphone technology: Not to be forgotten in charting Bing Crosby ‘s influence is the music itself. His song knowledge and sense of laid-back swing was learned from early jazz music, far less formal than the European-influenced classical and popular music used for inspiration by the vocalists of the s and ’20s. Jazz was by no means his main concentration, though, especially after the s; Crosby instead blended contemporary pop hits with the best songs from a wide range of material occasionally recording theme-oriented songs written by non-specialists as well, such as Cole Porter ‘s notoriously un-Western “Don’t Fence Me In”.

The breadth of material wasn’t threatening to audiences because Crosby put his own indelible stamp on each song he recorded, appealing to many different audiences while still not endangering his own fan base. Bing Crosby was among the first to actually read songs, making them his own by interpreting the lyrics and emphasizing words or phrases to emphasize what he thought best. His influence and importance in terms of vocal ability and knowledge of American popular music are immense, but what made Bing Crosby more than anything else was his persona — whether it was an artificial creation or something utterly natural to his own personality.

Crosby represented the American everyman — strong and stern to a point yet easygoing and affable, tolerant of other viewpoints but quick to defend God and the American way — during the hard times of the Depression and World War II, when Americans most needed a symbol of what their country was all about. Bingo was a childhood nickname from one of his favorite comic strips. The fourth of seven children in a poverty-level family who loved to sing, he was briefly sent to vocal lessons early on by his mother, until he grew tired of the training.

An early admirer of Al Jolson , Crosby saw his hero perform in Crosby sang in a high-school jazz band, and when he began attending nearby Gonzaga College he had grown up practically in the middle of the campus , he ordered a drum set through the mail and practiced on the set.

Irish americans

Christmas Records, Part 1 One thing I learned early in my research for the encyclopedia Tis the Season TV, when you specialize in writing about Christmas on TV, you also research and write quite a bit about music. Christmas TV episodes, specials and movies are loaded with music and carols. As a pop culture junkie, I love picking up soundtracks to holiday programs and collecting vintage record albums.

She is best remembered for her translations of the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Her feast was recorded in the Acta Sanctorum May With the death of her husband, she finally removed to Scotland to reside near her children She finally moved into a nursing home, Annfield House, Stirling , after a fall. She held the distinction of being the oldest person in Scotland June, — Dec, and the oldest person in the United Kingdom April, — Dec, Her many plays included the historical drama Stanislaw i Bogomil Stanislaw and Bogomil , and she also produced a series of critical essays concerning the Polish born author Joseph Conrad, Szkice o Conradzie Sketches of Conrad Maria Dabrowska died May 19, aged seventy-five, in Warsaw.

Dache, Lilly — — American milliner Lilly Dache was born at Beigles in France, and was apprenticed as a young girl to a milliner in Bordeaux.

Hillsborough, California

He was ejected from the car and killed. Share what you think. She continued to tour the world, discussing babies with the queen and befriending billie holliday, who told her: She was his second wife. Kathryn was 30 years younger than bing and not catholic, although she would eventually convert.

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Bing Crosby

Comment required December 22, 5: Like Sinatra, Crosby had a thing for mobsters. New FBI evidence paints a disturbing picture of somebody who appeared the angelic, G-rated family man — but who lived in a sleazy netherworld of corruption when the stage lights went off. Yesterday, the Web site APBnews. He combined high-profile glittering nights with pals like Dorothy Lamour, Bob Hope and Mel Torme with illicit payoffs and gambling tours after dark. At 16 he landed in jail on a drunk-driving charge.

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None of his other movies made it into the top 20 films for the years in which they were released. Why no fan club information? Ideally I would have liked adding in statistics of the total number of fans in fan clubs a more accurate measure than the number of fan clubs – one man could have had one club with a million fans and the other ten clubs with only in each one during the period of their maximum popularity for Bing, for Elvis but I haven’t been able to locate this data.

Why only Top 30 songs?: I only used the songs from each singer that made it into the top 30 because that’s all the lower my reference for Bing goes. Total number of Elvis’ songs:

The Kennedys’ Last Christmas

He was also helped by the emerging microphone technology: