What is Beneath the Temple Mount?

Voice-over by David Krumholtz We all use math every day. To predict weather…to tell time…to handle money. Math is more than formulas and equations. Season 1 [ edit ] Main article: List of Numbers episodes season 1 The first season run of the show aired between January 23, , and May 13, , at Don and Charlie’s father, Alan Eppes, provides emotional support for the pair, while Professor Larry Fleinhardt and doctoral student Amita Ramanujan provide mathematical support and insights to Charlie. Season One was a half-season, producing only 13 episodes. Season 2 —06 [ edit ] Main article:

This ancient Babylonian tablet may contain the first evidence of trigonometry

The simple but efficient ancient Chinese numbering system, which dates back to at least the 2nd millennium BCE, used small bamboo rods arranged to represent the numbers 1 to 9, which were then places in columns representing units, tens, hundreds, thousands, etc. It was therefore a decimal place value system, very similar to the one we use today – indeed it was the first such number system, adopted by the Chinese over a thousand years before it was adopted in the West – and it made even quite complex calculations very quick and easy.

Written numbers, however, employed the slightly less efficient system of using a different symbol for tens, hundreds, thousands, etc.

This is a huge step forward and their help is invaluable as we need to get the details right.

Mathematician and Philosopher c. Considered a mathematician, but foremost a philosopher, Pythagoras was a very important figure in mathematics, astronomy, musical theory, and in the world’s history. However, little in the way of reliable record is known about his life and accomplishments. The accounts of Pythagoras inventing the musical scale, performing miracles, and announcing prophecies are probably only legend, and appear to have little historical foundation.

Scholars generally agree only upon the main events in his life, and usually combine together discoveries by Pythagoras with those by his band of loyal followers. Pythagoras established in what is now the southeastern coast of Italy a philosophical, political, and religious society whose members believed that the world could be explained using mathematics as based upon whole numbers and their ratios.

Their motto was “All is number. Many Pythagorean beliefs such as secrecy, vegetarianism, periods of food abstinence and silence, refusal to eat beans, refusal to wear animal skins, celibacy, self-examination, immortality, and reincarnation were directed as “rules of life. The beliefs of the society were that reality is mathematical; philosophy is used for spiritual purification; the soul is divine; and certain symbols possess mystical significance.

History of algebra

Now a group of former Harvard math majors are crunching the data to reveal the secret tips of the online dater, displaying them in – naturally – graph form. Men, for example, should show off their six pack if they have one – but only if they’re young. Meanwhile women should always flirt with the camera – but men should look aloof.

Gareth Owen, Crewe UK Ask any phisical scientist or engineer mechanical, civil or electrical how they would get on without using the square root of minus one.

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Mathematicians Claim To Have Discovered The Formula For Love

The book contains some fifteen definitions and ninety-five statements, of which there are about two dozen statements that serve as algebraic rules or formulas. There are three primary types of conic sections: The conic sections are reputed to have been discovered by Menaechmus [26] c. Using this information it was now possible to find a solution to the problem of the duplication of the cube by solving for the points at which two parabolas intersect, a solution equivalent to solving a cubic equation.

Men, for example, should show off their six pack if they have one – but only if they’re young.

Now, a fresh look at a year-old clay tablet suggests that Babylonian mathematicians not only developed the first trig table, beating the Greeks to the punch by more than years, but that they also figured out an entirely new way to look at the subject. However, other experts on the clay tablet, known as Plimpton P , say the new work is speculative at best. Consisting of four columns and 15 rows of numbers inscribed in cuneiform, the famous P tablet was discovered in the early s in what is now southern Iraq by archaeologist, antiquities dealer, and diplomat Edgar Banks, the inspiration for the fictional character Indiana Jones.

Now stored at Columbia University, the tablet first garnered attention in the s, when historians recognized that its cuneiform inscriptions contain a series of numbers echoing the Pythagorean theorem, which explains the relationship of the lengths of the sides of a right triangle. The square of the hypotenuse equals the sum of the square of the other two sides.

But why ancient scribes generated and sorted these numbers in the first place has been debated for decades. The familiar sines, cosines, and angles used by Greek astronomers and modern-day high schoolers were completely missing. Instead, each entry includes information on two sides of a right triangle:

Strasbourg Cathedral

Congklak, A Traditional Game of Indonesia Translate this Page One of the most fascinating things about living in Indonesia is the discovery of bits of Indonesian culture which are actually not Indonesian at all, but originate in other lands. For centuries, the Indonesian archipelago has been visited by traders from many corners of the world who came to buy spices and other agricultural riches.

Indonesian cultural diversity benefited by the many peoples who passed through the archipelago, due to Indonesia’s location along the primary trade route between Europe and Asia. Together with the items they brought to sell, these traders brought bits of their culture along with them as well.

But it can backfire too, for those very same reasons, warned University of Texas psychology professor David Buss.

The Cathedral stands on the exact site of a roman temple built on a little hill above the muddy ground. The first version of the church was starting to be built during by proposal of Bishop Werner von Habsburg, but fire destroyed most of the original Romanesque building. By the time that cathedral was being renovated at the end of the 12th century, this time with red stones carried from the nearby mountains of Vosges , the gothic architectural style has reached Alsace and the future cathedral was starting to develop all characteristics of gothic aesthetics.

The project of the first cathedral in Alsace was handed to craftsman and stonemasons who had already worked on the also famous gothic cathedral in Chartres. Although the cathedral was at first financed by the local prince bishop, after his defeat, the municipal bourgeoisie took charge of the work themselves. Also, due to the lack of money, the citizens decided to contribute to the building fund with their private donations. The person who was selected as an organizer of the whole procedure was Erwin von Steinbach he himself wanted to donate some money for the building of the church, but as he was penniless, he donated his horse!

He imagined and designed the magnificent west front of the cathedral and its main entrance. For the next four centuries, due to the height of its tower m , the Strasbourg Cathedral was considered the tallest building in modern world! Furthermore, it was unique because it was one of the few gothic churches equipped with only one tower. Under the Reformation, in , the cathedral became a Protestant church.

What is Beneath the Temple Mount?

Relationships seem simple when you put them like that. And yet we’ve all had those romances where the sums seem to add up, where the right boxes were ticked and the scores were even Love is frustrating, elusive, intangible.

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Shutterstock Newser — A Japanese mathematician swears he’s solved one of the biggest problems in the world of math. The problem is, nobody, not even fellow mathematicians of the highest caliber, can understand Shinichi Mochizuki’s proof of something called the ABC conjecture, reports New Scientist. It doesn’t help that the proof itself is pages long or that Mochizuki developed his own set of mathematical principles called the Inter-Universal Teichmuller Theory that must be mastered first.

Those who don’t are “simply not qualified” to weigh in, says Mochizuki. Mathematicians aren’t saying that Mochizuki’s resolution of the theory is wrong, but they’re not saying it’s right, either. As a result, it’s been in a kind of math limbo since , despite attempts by the Kyoto University professor as recently as last month to shed light on it.

In number theory, a smooth number is an integer which factors completely into small prime numbers. The upshot, according to both sites, is that the theory raises fundamental questions about the “nature of numbers,” and thus its proof would be a major milestone. Elsewhere, a beating seems to have turned this man into a math whiz.

Billionaire Mathematician – Numberphile