The Last Post: the story behind the retro British military wives’ costumes

The year-old looked amazing with her bouffant-style hair while wearing a retro pink mini-dress for the bash held at the adult theme park, Pan Am Experience, in Pacoima, California. Instagram Kim Kardashian rocked a seventies look for Chrissy Teigen’s birthday party Chrissy celebrated turning 32 at the Pan Am experience She was joined by husband Kanye, who skipped the dress code, as he sat beside her in a replica of a vintage s airplane. The couple looked loved up as they enjoyed the celebration, with Kanye even flashing a smile or two. Chrissy, who has turned 32 , shared a series of pictures of the pair as they all had a game of bingo, which Kanye won. Instagram Kim was joined by a very smiley Kanye The rapper won a game of bingo at the party Instagram Chrissy was joined by husband John Legend The birthday girl, who is expecting her second child , was dressed to impress in a pink midi skirt and jacket. Her singer husband John wore a very retro suit with a baker boy style hat as they enjoyed the celebrations. Earlier in the day, John shared a heartfelt birthday post, which featured a close-up portrait of Chrissy. Alongside the Instagram post, the Ordinary People hitmaker — who has month-old daughter Luna – wrote:

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The revamped Mega Drive is the latest in a wave of resurrected gaming gadgets Image: Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Hot on the heels of the launch of the re-release Nintendo’s NES , legendary gaming brand Sega has announced the comeback of its Mega Drive in the form of a mini console. Read More Revamped to coincide with Sonic’s 25th anniversary , the plug and play gadget can be hooked up to a TV and is also compatible with original Sega Mega Drive cartridges.

Sega The two-player-friendly console is supplied with two wireless controllers. The mini console has been around for some time, but has been updated to coincide with the prickly blue video game character’s 25th.

It would be about the clothes and not about the size of them.

Old money – pounds, shillings and pence “Old money” or pounds, shillings and pence or appropriately for the sixties, LSD that’s Libra, Solidus, Denarius, not lysergic acid diethylamide was in use for the whole of the fifties and sixties. All this changed on 15 February , when D-Day – Decimal Day, came and Britain switched over to the new decimal currency we know today, where pence made 1 pound. From then on people asked: The sixpence was allowed to remain in circulation for several years after decimalisation in It was finally withdrawn in June and sadly missed ever since!

I don’t know why they ever changed it! If you needed to add up in pounds, shillings and pence you needed three columns. Buy old money If you want to buy a set of ‘old money’, the best way is to buy a complete set from a specific year. They can make great birthday present, if you can find a set dating from the year the person was born.

They are not as expensive as you might think.

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Along with the updated console, Sega has also unveiled the Mega Drive Ultimate Portable Handheld which packs in the same 80 retro gaming titles.

Remember when snake was all you needed to be entertained? The retro mobile game could be making a comeback, along with the vintage handsets it was played on. Among the top-sellers on vintagemobile. Ironically, the trend is just starting as the telecommunications industry throws such handsets into the recycling bins, hailing smartphones as the way ahead. Finnish firm Nokia, the biggest mobile phone company before the advent of Apple’s iPhone or Samsung’s Galaxy, offloaded its handset division to Microsoft this year after failing to catch the smartphone wave.

But it was probably also the supposedly irreversible switch towards smartphone that has given the old school phone an unexpected boost. For Damien Douani, an expert on new technologies at FaDa agency, it is simply trendy now to be using the retro phone. Today, everyone has a smartphone that looks just like another, while ten years ago, brands were much more creative.

Cadbury is selling this retro selection box full of chocolate classics for Christmas

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The Playstation and its successor, the PS One brought about a revolution in home gaming, with more powerful 3D graphics than had ever been available for living room gaming.

Share this article Share Holly even suggests that women who dress in a more revealing manner could attract unwanted attention. Holly says that by dressing in this fashion young women can provoke a better reaction from men Holly lives by the motto ‘dress like a lady and be treated like a lady’ ‘If you dress like a lady you will be treated like a lady. A short skirt or perhaps more a see-through top, may attract unwanted attention.

Holly says dressing like Miley Cyrus attracts the wrong sort of attention ‘I think there is a certain element of responsibility that comes with designing clothes and an element of responsibility when it comes to wearing them. Holly blames current pop stars for their influence on young stars with her being particularly unimpressed by one chart topper. Favouring the style of Audrey Hepburn she added: However, Holly claims this kind of nudity is slightly more tasteful.

Growing up with her grandparents, Holly would watch endless old movies from the s and s and soon became a big fan of the musical Grease. Holly first became fascinated with all things 50s while watching the movie Grease as a child The Miss Vintage UK winner controversially added that she believed that revealing clothing ‘encourages a man to come and take advantage’ But it wasn’t until she joined a musical theatre course when she was 17 she had the confidence to undergo her vintage make over – first purchasing a s crimplene dress in a charity shop.

Holly joked that, while studying at university of Norwich, her habit soon became an obsession blowing her ‘entire maintenance loan’ at vintage fairs becoming addicted with cardigans, cotton gloves and long circle skirts.

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It received rave reviews , the only issue being the seriously short controller wire included in the box. Nintendo Another classic from Nintendo – the Gameboy brought handheld gaming to the masses and is one of the most popular retro devices ever, selling million units. For many millennials, the Gameboy Colour was their first handheld games console and introduced gamers to the likes of Pokemon, Super Mario, Zelda and more.

The best selling game ever was Tetris, but Pokemon Red and Blue were also top sellers with over 30 million games out there.

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Some of the mid ‘s straight guage frames had serial numbers starting with a single letter which was towards the end of the alphabet. This new system applied to the high-end i. Reynolds frames, and involved the placing of a character at the beginning of the serial number. The character began at the start of the alphabet, and indicated year of manufacture.

Detail about the numerals that follow the alphabet are sketchy, and are presumably sequential serial numbers of some kind. A, followed by four numerals B, followed by four numerals C, followed by four numerals D, followed by four numerals

Old money – pounds, shillings and pence

Tuesday 4 July The retro console was announced earlier this month and is the second of Nintendo’s attempts to revive its old consoles and games for new and old audiences. But just like the NES Classic Edition that came before it, it’s all but impossible to actually buy the console. Every major websites and shop — including big places like Game and Amazon — have sold out and aren’t offering the opportunity to snap up new ones.

The year-old looked amazing with her bouffant-style hair while wearing a retro pink mini-dress for the bash held at the adult theme park, Pan Am Experience, in Pacoima, California.

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