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CIS Payment methods in India Non-cash transactions, despite a relatively low market share, still remain the preferred mode of payment in India that steadily grow in popularity. Additionally, the online payment methods in India that will become more frequently used are prepaid cards, debit cards and bank transfers. The largest mobile payment gateway platform in India is Paytm, an e-wallet launched in Pay by Skins Pay by Skins is a payment method targeted at the gaming community. It allows players to issue payments with digital skins, based on their rarity and market values. Although, issued in 20 countries, it is accepted worldwide. JCB cards are used in countries every year to pay for services and goods. American Express One of the leading American payment companies, with legacy dating back to the 19th century. It offers credit cards, charge cards, and even traveller cheques, depending on individual needs.

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Email Advertisement PayPal is the top dog when it comes to online payment services. Fortunately, several other businesses have stepped up to provide their own payment services. They range from smaller startups to well-established players. Venmo Venmo works like a social payment service Venmo vs. Send Money to Friends Easily Venmo vs. Send Money to Friends Easily Forget about trying to pay friends back in cash — that’s what you have a smartphone for!

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The new collection offers over two hundred icons drawn in common style, color and gamut. Packing more than two hundred icons assembled into a set with matching properties such as style and colors, Perfect Web Icons can be used in Web projects and scripts, new text editors, as well as on blogs, forums, and Web sites. Perfect Web Icons will make a product, blog or applet look professional and consistent throughout.

All images in the Perfect Web Icons collection are royalty-free. The entire set is instantly available and comes with an online preview. What’s Inside This icon pack supplies images that are commonly used in Web applications, text editors, and online publishing mechanisms. From the technical standpoint, the set includes images in a number of formats, sizes, color resolutions, and image styles.

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Payroll thesba NewTracker Login Portal has partnered with Newtek, The Small Business Authority to provide your business with a complete menu of payment acceptance options. Rate and price comparisons are based upon the calculations provided by Newtek Merchant Solutions. Ineligible business types include, but are not limited to: Check will be provided to the thesba NewTracker Login Portal member by Newtek within 45 days of initial consultation. Electronic Check Services Accept paper checks with convenience and confidence using check verification, check verification with guaranteed payment, electronic check recovery and recurring debit.

ACH Processing Allow your customers to make payments directly from their checking or savings accounts.

Build from any existing website or special application website.

Getting started as a partner is a simple 5-step process: JS SDK Collaborate with our Marketing team to create co-branded material such as lead forms for your new and existing customer base Get your customers up and running with payments and start earning residual! Why partner with PaySimple? Beyond the financial benefit of having a passive income stream for your business, our integrated partners enjoy several key benefits: Improved Retention With a Sticky Solution that Businesses Want Acquiring small business clients is hard; keeping them can be even harder.

By providing your clients an intuitive, all-in-one solution with robust reporting, they will have many more reasons to stay with your company, rather than branch out to fill other business needs. Our turnkey program allows your clients to process payments without adding any extra work for your technology team. Being an integrated partner means you will also benefit your current and prospective clients in a few key ways:

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What is an Internet Merchant Account? An Internet merchant account is a merchant account specifically approved for processing “card not present” sales [i. Visa and MasterCard have different criteria for evaluating the potential risk involved in credit card transactions where the card is not physically presented to the merchant.

Our turnkey program allows your clients to process payments without adding any extra work for your technology team.

To successfully accept credit card transactions you need to have at least one gateway provider in addition to a merchant account. The MobiusPay Gateway can also pre-authorize transactions to minimize fraud and chargebacks. The MobiusPay Gateway ensures that: The merchant receives settlement from the transaction Proper fees are paid to all parties in the transaction chain The issuing credit card bank bills the customer, ending the transaction MobiusPay Gateway Features Include: Breaks downs by trials, joins, conversions, upgrades, and rebills.

Membership Value that lets you calculate the Average Membership Lifetime value useful for computing affiliate payouts or marketing expenses. Hosted Payment Page Hosted page customers like the conversion reports. Additionally, you can drill down to investigate the number of attempts used to successfully complete purchases. Cascades Merchants with multiple merchant accounts find that the cascades report is beneficial.

Call Centers Merchants with call centers enjoy the support log summary and detail reports which provide call center managers with stats such as cross table tables on activities and on per user activity such as cancel, voids, updates and so on. Integrated customer support tools for membership management, refunds, etc. Integrated risk management Multiple currencies Flexible APIs for membership subscriptions as well as management 1-click upsells, instant upgrades, cancels, etc. MobiusPay Gateway Quick Links.

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Maybe you need a refresher. We recently featured his startup Chibi in an article about mobile dating in S. Well, it seems that Dave never stops! Together with his wife, they have been working on another startup named Bongloy. Dave and his wife Mara. Bongloy is an online payment gateway, similar to PayPal. It allows companies in Cambodia to accept payments through Wing and credit cards. They are partnering with Wing and several microfinance organisations such as AMK Cambodia to provide this direct money transfer service.

Right now, they are in the testing phase, and hope to launch with one of them soon in the next few months.

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Many online shoppers are increasingly eschewing credit cards. They want a way of paying for your goods and services that does not involve debt. In such cases, it can help if you accept eCheck payments. What is an eCheck? First of all, it is important to understand what an eCheck is. Instead of writing a paper check, the buyer can decide to authorize funds for deduction from their checking account.

Commerce settings to match your needs.

Our proprietary integrations are engineered to prevent chargebacks and fraud before they happen. Get a Free DigiPay Payment Gateway – Schedule a Demo Getting Paid is Easy Integrating to our secure payment gateway enables you to offer a range of multi-currency checkout options and to process, accept and manage customer payments directly from your site. We support redirect integration and direct API integration. Our system has the unique capability of passing data to other systems engaged in the transaction.

This not only creates a more secure environment, but also relieves you from managing the flow of data, and provides a clear boundary for PCI Compliance. Leveraging customize rules we create thresholds to help you better manage your business and mitigate risk. With expert guidance every step of the way, we support you throughout the implementation, and beyond. Scalable Protection DigiPay gateways provide enterprise-level security. We ensure the highest level of defense by endlessly pursuing and continually integrating enhancements that will thwart criminals and maintain a trustworthy system.

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Member subscriptions are processed via an intelligent, secure payment gateway. The payment gateway supports multi-currency transactions, automatic renewal facilities and advanced fraud detection. Dating Buzz provides a complete turnkey service to our partners. We take care of the site operation and administration leaving you free to focus on building your brand and membership base. As part of this process, we typically allow your profile to appear on other carefully chosen dating sites operated by The Dating Lab.

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This cost is a fraction of what it would cost for a custom development job.

The number of places where Bitcoins can be spent is increasing at a fast pace and includes some big retail players as well as many small businesses and retailers. The increased acceptance is boosting its footprint across the globe and gets it an official recognition as a mode of payment. Coinbase is not only a Bitcoin wallet but also an exchange, where Bitcoins are bought and sold for U.

Customers after selecting their product and filling in the shipment details just need to select Bitcoins from amongst the various options available. Customers need to select Bitcoins as the payment option on the checkout page. Coinbase facilitates the buying process. The online store offers a variety of products ranging from cosmetics to home ware. Paymium, a European cryptocurrency company, will be the payments processor for Bitcoin transactions. It has what is considered what is the easiest-to-use content management system CMS for blog and website creation.

WordPress is open to Bitcoin as a form of payment. Another retail giant that accepts Bitcoins is newegg. It specializes in computer hardware, electronics, software, gaming, cell phones and accessories along with sporting goods and more. Passengers can pay for their tickets using Bitcoins for reservations to over 60 destinations.

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Mainly e-commerce and e-retailing businesses need payment gateway integration to their websites and apps so that their customers can make online transactions using credit card, debit card, internet banking, e-wallet, etc. Rapidsoft Technologies offers a complete range of payment gateway integration services for websites and applications. We have experience as well as experts to integrate payment gateway in simplest manner yet keeping the whole setup as secure as possible.

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They are accepted everywhere and widely used by customers to pay for any kind of purchase, no matter the amount. Debit cards, despite being less popular than credit cards, are also very popular in the US. As eCommerce continues to soar in the United States, the way consumers pay online is diversifying rapidly. Pay by Skins Pay by Skins is a payment method targeted at the gaming community.

It allows players to issue payments with digital skins, based on their rarity and market values. Although, issued in 20 countries, it is accepted worldwide. JCB cards are used in countries every year to pay for services and goods.


As we explained in one of the previous articles , issues with transaction processing might be caused by one of the two conceptually different reasons: While the previous article focused on timeout handling, this one focuses on offline transaction processing, which is made possible by implementation of store-and-forward technique. The essence of store-and-forward approach Originally, when modems were introduced and connection was not always stable, the so-called offline transaction processing concept was developed.

Usually, offline transaction processing is implemented at the level of a payment terminal as it is a standalone device, independent from the host application. Sometimes, this solution is referred to as store-and-forward.

Modern credit verification systems are very reliable and do prevent charge-backs with a great degree of success.

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