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Read articles from our From the Archives series Brief Chronology Members of the medical department at Willamette University in Salem begin the first formal medical education program in Oregon. The school is the only medical school in the Pacific Northwest. Jackson family, former publisher of the daily Oregon Journal. The state-wide Crippled Children’s Division Program now called the Child Development and Rehabilitation Center is established in the School of Medicine to provide diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation services for handicapped children. The first building is named after Dean Mackenzie. Attendance consisted of the officers:

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List of Oregon Ducks football seasons , List of Oregon Ducks bowl games , and List of Pac Conference football standings Early history — [ edit ] The football program began in and played its first game on March 24, , defeating Albany College 44—3 under head coach Cal Young. Church took over the coaching position in the fall for the rest of the season. Oregon finished the season with two additional losses and a tie, but went undefeated the following season, winning all four of its games under head coach Percy Benson.

Dryness in southern Kansas and eastern Colorado continued with an expansion of the severe drought conditions to the west, incorporating all of southwestern Kansas and extreme southeastern Colorado.

History[ edit ] Towner and Moore had been friends and occasional collaborators since meeting in as students at the University of Oregon. By , both were working musicians living in New York; while collaborating with folksinger Tim Hardin they were introduced to world music pioneer Paul Winter ‘s ” Consort ” ensemble, particularly member Collin Walcott, with whom Towner began improvising as an informal duo. By Towner and Moore had joined the Winter Consort and met fellow member McCandless; the four began exploring improvisation on their own, while their contributions continued to be seminal in redefining the Winter Consort “sound” in compositions like Towner’s “Icarus”.

The four musicians made their first group recording in , but the label, Increase Records , went out of business before it could be released it eventually was issued by Vanguard in as Our First Record. With those initial recordings and the follow-ups Distant Hills and Winter Light all on Vanguard , Oregon established itself as one of the leading improvisational groups of its day, blending Indian and Western classical music [1] with jazz, folk , space music [2] and avant-garde elements.

After a couple years’ hiatus devoted to individual projects including the birth of Walcott’s daughter in , the group reassembled, recording for ECM , releasing the eponymous Oregon in and Crossing in Before the latter’s release, however, during a tour Walcott was killed in an automobile accident in the former East Germany.

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We request that all data elements not specifically excluded for privacy reasons be provided, including at minimum the following information: We request a copy of this dataset for the last quarter or most recent available for each year from the earliest year this data is maintained to the current year In order to assist you in determining our status to assess fees, you should know that we are the principal developer of FederalPay.

We intend to use the data acquired through this records request to compile and publish data on state government spending and payroll costs, which will be made available at no cost to the public for research and advocacy related purposes. We strongly believe that the publication of this data is clearly within the public interest. We have already been granted fee waivers by the Federal government and numerous state agencies for similar requests.

After conferring 88 baccalaureate degrees, the Physician Assistant Program is converted to a master’s degree program.

November 24, by Brian K. Edwards Every few years I undertake an exercise to revise and revamp my web page. The process usually involves starting from scratch, rethinking the selection of images, the layout, the fonts, background colors, what contact information I should include, which profile picture I should choose…the list goes on. Image selection usually comes last even though it probably should come first. With image selection comes the issue or arrangement and the inevitable selection of categories for these images.

Image choice was usually simple – the shot below of Gesto Bay is one of the first I would consider for such this category. This was amongst the low hanging fruit on a tree containing many images that could easily be called landscapes. After all, they were taken outdoors, included lots of trees or other flora and in some cases fauna, and their taking encompassed the normal-to-wide angle perspective that made these landscape shots look like, well, landscapes.

What could be easier? The current version of my website www. I do not know how to explain this. I doubt this, since there are at least five or six enough to constitute a category, gallery, or portfolio that I still like, and others I have liked, so I cannot say that not including these shots is the result of some change of heart.

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The active pattern over the Pacific Northwest and northern Rocky Mountains continued, bringing much-needed rain and snow to these regions. Cooler than normal temperatures dominated the Plains region and the South, with areas of the northern Plains degrees below normal. Warmer than normal conditions dominated the West, with areas of the Great Basin degrees warmer than normal. Northeast Temperatures were normal to above normal in New England with widespread precipitation over most of the region except for central Pennsylvania and western New York.

Maine recorded the most precipitation, with amounts up to 2 inches in northeastern portions of the state. With the mix of rain falling on top of snow and frozen soils, the impact of the precipitation is hard to assess, but there was some response to streamflow conditions. No changes to the drought status were made this week and several reports indicated that without more precipitation in the region, conditions will worsen.

Southeast Much of the region recorded at least some precipitation this week, with isolated pockets of greater amounts in western North Carolina, western Virginia, and eastern Georgia.

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Dr Sloop Update Oct 13 Dr. Sloop Update Many of our members continue to call and write expressing concern for Dr. Jay Sloop and ask for new information about his disappearance. At this point we know little more than we did when Dr.

These two buildings are linked by the Portland Aerial Tram.

Tons — Refers to an exaggerated quantity, as in tons of sunshine or tons of work. Dish — As in to dish out the latest rumor on someone. Pre-owned — What is so disgraceful about owning a used car now and then? We used to have hiring, training and orientation. Let that sink in — One could say shocking, profound, or important. Let that sink in. Just ask the question already. Hot Water Heater — Hot water does not need to be heated. Gig Economy — Gigs are for musicians and stand-up comedians.

Now expanded to imply a sense of freedom and a lifestyle that rejects tradition in a changing economic culture. Runs a risk of sharecropping. Today, we suffer on-line trolls and Internet shaming. Focus — Good word, but overused when concentrate or look at would work fine.

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At the time that Darwin’s On the Origin of Species was published, the earth was “scientifically” determined to be million years old. By , it was found to be 1. In , science firmly established that the earth was 3.

The program places unprecedented emphasis on medically underserved and rural communities.

Write a message And students make real contributions to solving tough challenges. Here’s where you can meet singles in Eugene, Oregon. The office staff works to ensure that all students are supported and accepted and that the obstacles to student success are minimized. The purpose of the Bias Response Team is to ensure a just campus. Due to our grant funding requirements, we may only provide services to student victims and survivors of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking.

We cannot provide legal services if there is an ethical or legal conflict, or if the case does not meet our above eligibility requirements. In research funding — setting a record for the third year in a row. Oregon law also protects workers who are victims of domestic violence, harassment, stalking, and sexual assault. Students can meet with a licensed attorney to discuss various legal options and receive guidance on managing practical problems.

Civil Protective Orders Restraining Orders The Court can issue protective orders that prevent the person who hurt you from having any type of contact with you.

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