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Consequently, people typically “hop” on the “and three” and either rock or do not take a proper step on count 3. When done wrong, it looks funny. Since there is not time to change the body motion, people hop in the air so their feet can do the step forward, but their body does not move. When ‘talking about and demonstrating named patterns in Hustle’, it’s nice to have the patterns start and end near the natural points of non-movement. That means when standing and talking, you get to stand still between patterns at spots where you’re supposed to be standing still. OK, everybody hop up, but don’t land yet, because I want to explain the foot position your supposed to use to start next figure: It is useful to be able to demonstrate figures starting on count ‘1’. It’s easier to add the correct velocity at the beginning of a figure than it is to add the correct lean. This is consistent with the way figures are broken down in other dances, as well. It comes at the end of the figure, on the 3, not at the beginning of the figure.

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The Dangers of Giving Feedback Posted by Jake on 13th December My personal philosophy on the giving and receipt of feedback has drawn me into a number of heated discussions over the years. So many articles and videos discuss the finer points of salsa technique, but very few address the finer points of salsa etiquette – and if you’re going to take your dancing to any level, that’s just as important in your development as how to lead and follow multiple spins. You won’t get anywhere if nobody wants to dance with you anymore.

Ok, so what am I talking about and what are the dangers? They Made Me Feel ‘This’ Small It’s amazing how many times the hard work I put into welcoming new people into partner dancing, is undermined by well-meaning individuals giving feedback – particularly to beginners. The giver of feedback is thinking, I’m helping this person – they’re making a mistake.

We might very well have to “honor [our] father and mother, [our] wife and children, [our] brothers and sisters–yes, even [our] own life–“; our dating relationships are no exception.

Enjoy watching Hawke suffer a little this chapter. Colorful garlands were strung along the streets, and Hawke was struck first and foremost by how vibrant everything was. Where Kirkwall was dusty and brutal, Starkhaven was polished and inviting. It was surprising what a startling difference the lack of rusted metal spikes made in the atmosphere of a city.

A good part of her awe, she knew, came from first visiting during a celebration, but she still couldn’t help but stare at the stone roads and flower garland-clad statues. She would occasionally pull her eyes away from the storefronts as they walked by, glancing at Sebastian to gauge how he was handling his surroundings. They were on foot through the main part of the city, leading their horses by the reins so as not to be a danger to the large crowds flooding the streets, and he gripped the leather straps a little tighter than necessary.

As she watched, his expression would shift from worry to nostalgia to joy and back again, though she’d catch him observing her as well. Of course he’d want to see her first reaction to his home, she thought. It would be hers, too, soon enough. As that occurred to her, they stepped onto the royal throughway, the main road bisecting the center ring of the city.

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A tribute to Triangulo: Or if I had been, I have no memory of it. I failed substance abuse, and the only altered state I could manage was a sugar induced one. But intoxication took on a whole new dimension, and all my head-spinning attempts at inebriation vanished the moment I took my first steps of the Argentine tango. The room was warm and inviting and evoked another century, with its burgundy colored walls, its gold accents, and crowned with a collection of ornate, mismatched chandeliers.

And all of this against the backdrop of the lavish, Bruegel-like mural of tango dancers—in full swing.

Though it might prove to be better to tell her nothing, as poor an idea as that sounded in his head.

Ken Ota was one of my original Aikido teachers and you can find much more information on him at: All of the following are my personal comments and not Ken Ota’s or Ki Society. I hope you like what I have to say below, and I offer it mainly to as an offering to all of you for innovative proven ideas on what’s possible with Aikido and in my own way help preserve the beauty of Ken Ota’s teaching methods for future Aikido generations.

Ken is 78 today and unfortunately we will not have him with us forever although he is still in generally good health for now. If you would like to talk to me further, pls post here or email me at: His major Aikido influence was Koichi Tohei during the late ‘s and early ‘s. My personal characterization of his style is ‘early Ki Society’, i. His video tapes illustrate this to a great degree. You can see some superb technique, especially by his son Steve Ota, on the videotapes. There are QuickTime movies on the web site listed above.

I offer that Ken differs from most Ki Society dojos, and for that matter most Aikido dojos, in that he has a unique emphasis on speed, rhythm, and timing.

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Sunday, April 4, When you know more than your partner This is one scenario we see over and over in our classes. One partner already knows how to dance, the other partner is a rank beginner. It either goes really well, or it’s a disaster. Want your experience to go well, and not be a disaster?? What makes this situation so hard is that it’s very tempting for the person who already knows how to dance to want to help their partner.

This “help” often takes the form of giving LOTS of feedback, like “you’re supposed to

I will say this, though:

Clint never knows what to call his relationship to Phil outside of work. He sticks to “dance partners,” mostly. Duo has two sections, very different in tone, and that’s reflected in this fic. Diverges from canon post-Battle of Manhattan. Clint and Phil sit alone at their table, quiet as they watch the band. All three band members are SHIELD folks — getting clearance for anyone else was too much trouble — but they’re surprisingly good.

Everyone else at their table left awhile ago, dancing and then trickling out to head home. Clint vaguely recognizes them, but he doesn’t think he knows their names. Most of the others still at the wedding are junior agents. Clint closes his eyes, listening to the sax solo, and shifts a little in his seat. He can feel Coulson turn to look at him, but the older man doesn’t say anything. The song ends, and Clint hears the shuffle of sheet music before the band starts in on the next one.

He opens his eyes and grabs Coulson’s hand, pulling him up.

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We never sell or give out your contact information. We respect our readers’ privacy. What a three-ring circus of nitpicking, wonky scoring, and overall chaos. From what I saw from the judges — crack is whack, and so is meth, heroin, and bath salts, apparently.

The key difference between Hustle and WCS is the initial lead.

From what I saw, they did not turn anyone down, regardless of whether they had danced with them before, and regardless of their dance level. If they were already supposed to dance the next song with someone else which one pretty much always did , they would promise their next dance to the person who asked them, and would always go and find them and dance their promised dance with that person. But I put them at another level not because they were pretty much the biggest names at the event, but because of their ability to dance with anyone.

Are you a human or a dancer? They like to stick out, show their stuff, and show off. To depend so much on the level of your partner to enjoy the dance itself is really rather ridiculous. With advanced follows, you barely have to lead anything for them to know what they are doing and follow it perfectly not in a backleading way, but in a hyper-observant and sensitive way. When I was learning to lead salsa and practicing my leading on the social dance floor, I felt most accomplished when I led dances with absolute beginners and still made them follow the moves I was leading.

While, of course, I would probably prefer to dance with more experienced leads for the most part, I can have incredible dances with beginners who only know a handful of moves, by adding my own grooves, styling, flavour, and personality to the dance. For example, two weeks ago, I ended up dancing with a lead who only appeared to know two Cuban salsa moves and was leading just them the entire dance. It was one of my most fun and playful dances.

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The air flow over a conventional wing of relatively high camber, having little or no sweepback, and operating at a low angle of attack and substantially below sonic velocities, tends. Air flow separation occurs closer to’the leading edge as the angle of attack increases until, at the stalling angle, the airflow separates from the upper surface at or near the leading edge. However, with a thin, sharply swept-back wing, at least in subsonic flight, the air flow begins to separate from the upper surface ofthe wing at or very near its swept-back leading edges, even at low angles of attack.

The leading edge separation produces concentrated edge vortices which induce high suction peaks on the surface under them. The vortex suction peaks increase the lifting effect of the wing.

In my early twenties I realized that my emotional and sexual attractions toward women as well as men were not going to go away, and I began to address those feelings.

Why Would a Woman Surrender? When I was newly married at 22, I had no idea I would ever call myself a surrendered wife. At that time, I would have been repulsed by the whole idea. I did know that marriage was risky because I had watched my parents go through a brutal divorce. Still, I was hopeful that I could do better. I was amazed that my husband, John, could love me as much as he did, and part of me believed we could make our marriage work simply because there was so much goodness in it to start with.

At first I treated him with respect and kindness because I was so impressed with him. Then, as his imperfections grew more familiar and glaring, I began correcting him as a way of trying to help him improve. From my point of view, if he would just be more ambitious at work, more romantic at home and clean up after himself, everything would be fine.

I told him as much. Needless to say, he didn’t respond well to this.

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